What Stories are you Telling Yourself?

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Other people’s stories and the stories we tell ourselves.

What’s your story?

I bet if you and I witnessed the same thing we would both see it in a different light. We see different details and how we shape those details tells our story. What stories do you tell yourself either good or bad? Everyone looks at things differently, has a different perception, we have our own interpretation on things based on our life experiences. I know for a fact if I asked my four children what sort of a mother I was that they all would have a different story. My story would be that they all got the same, were treated equally and loved just as much as each other BUT they are all different and to a degree had to be treated a little differently, so they would have their own interpretation of how that was for them. Does it mean they are right and I am wrong? No, it doesn’t, it just means our version of things are different. You may have a story about how someone treats you, speaks to you or upsets you but the other person may think that everything is fine and have no idea at all, and their story might be that they are kind and supportive. Our stories can determine our happiness, what we tell ourselves about different people in our lives and situations can shape how we look at things and others.

You should hear the stories I’ve told myself in the past when my kids have been late home from going out, oh my lord, I’ve had them dead, murdered, in car accidents, all I’ve really done is cause myself extreme anxiety, with absolutely no basis for these stories and yet they were so real to me at the time. Some of the time our stories are based on fear, fear of the unknown, fear of what people think of us, fear of what may happen, if we try or we don’t try. We tell ourselves stories all day, about what people do to us, how they treat us and what we think about ourselves. Are you telling yourself nice stories?

If you aren’t nice and think good thoughts about yourself then you will attract people into your life that think the same, we need to be positive and kind and loving to ourselves. Sometimes things can go round and round in our head and we start to believe our stories, be careful of what you’re thinking, be aware, if they are happy stories then that’s ok but if they affect your relationships you need to step back and release the hold the story has on you. Don’t act on the story, acknowledge it, sit with it and release it. We all tell ourselves stories but we need to be aware of what that story is. Something to think about ………if we are the stories we tell ourselves then wouldn’t it be wise to make them good ones.


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