Back Yourself, You’ve Got This

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Why are we our biggest critics?

Why are we our biggest critics? I believe it all starts when we are young. We go through life being told we can’t do this and we can’t do that from various different people. It can be our parents, teachers, other kids, somehow our creativity gets squashed and little doubts and fears start to set in. If you were born to parents that 100% told you right from birth that you could do and be anything you wanted then you were blessed. Most of us aren’t. I can’t particularly ever recall my parents telling me I wasn’t good at anything but I also don’t recall them building me up or encouraging me. I think I’m a very go out there and get them kind of person and no one has really ever been able to tell me what to do. Therefore I have an attitude that I can do it if I want it bad enough. That being said I have had my moments when little voices come into my head & try to create doubt and fear. When this happens I ask myself things like what’s the worst thing that can happen? Will it kill me? Why can’t I do this? I then go through the answers and more often than not I jump right in.  I consider myself to be driven and a very motivated person most of the time. If I have a challenge in my life that I take on, I make sure that I’m as prepared as I can be, to give myself the best chance of being able to follow through. I just start with a step, one step at a time and then build on from there. I get as much information as I can to help me achieve my goals and I soak everything up and then trust my intuition and throw out the stuff that doesn’t resonate with me.

An example of this was when I decided to do the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge. 96km in under 39 hours, without stopping or sleeping over the steepest mountains you have ever seen. You could have your support crew for 4 checkpoints where they refilled your food and water and you could change your shoes/clothes. I had this challenge in my sights for a couple of years and like I said before the little voices were in my head telling me that I was too old and probably not fit enough.

After watching it one year I got really excited and I sent my sister a message asking her if she would do it with me, her answer, maybe. Well that was all I needed, I ran with it and knew I had her. We decided we would give it a go and after a few mishaps with team members, we ended up having myself, my sister Jill, my son in law Steve and one of my nephews, Jacob.

I soaked up every bit of information that I could, wrote to sports people, spoke to dieticians and trainers. I was not going to fail. We were told to start serious training 6 months prior to the event. Jill and I started straight away but didn’t start with the bush walks till the 6 months out. We felt that as we were older and women we had better train harder. I did not miss one weekend training, we walked for hours and hours, up massive mountains, through the night and sometimes into the early hours of the morning, rain, hail or shine. We learned what to eat, drink and carry in our back packs.

We earned a lot of blisters, bruises and we got very sore knees. One of mine in particular was pretty bad and I had to see an orthopedic surgeon and I just told him I was walking this 96km one way or the other, so fix my knee. He advised me to try a brace so I walked with a brace. My sister and I knew we had done the training but the little voices were still there. What if you haven’t done enough, what if this, what if that? At this point we knew we had done the training, we have put in 100% so all that was left to do was to BACK ourselves.

The event started on the Saturday morning and I woke up on the Friday morning in agony with my back, I was in tears, I could not believe it, after all this I could hardly move. I rang my massage therapist, who I was seeing every Monday night for 6 months in preparation, she said get here now, she worked on me and said I think you need a chiropractor this time. So off I went to chiro, he did his thing and told me to come back that night and even though he shouldn’t he would have another crack at me. Meanwhile in the afternoon I also went to physio. Back to chiro in the night all the while in tears yet determined I was going to make this walk that I had trained so hard for. I took pain killers and got up the next morning as good as gold, so happy.

Off we set the next morning eager as and all four of us made it in 32.5 hours. What I learned in that weekend about not giving up will stay with me for a life time. The mateship, tears and pain we went through still brings tears to my eyes and I’m so proud. We had so so much fun along the way and learned that we all are far more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

Most of us miss so many things in our lives because we just don’t take the first step, you don’t have to have all the answers before you start a challenge or something new, figure it out as you go along. Let go of the self-doubt, trust yourself and back yourself. What changes can you make, what chances can you take, what’s waiting for you out there?

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” So don’t settle, get out there and live your best life and smile from your heart.  Back yourself, you’ve got this xxx


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  1. veer

    bookmarкed!!, I reɑlly like your site!

  2. Michelle

    You are always here for your tribe! 🙂
    and all we need to do is take that big FIRST step towards the rest of our future.


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